Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm very interested in book arts and art that can be handled, so this is a silly little thing I came up with. It's a paper puzzle that can be folded to reveal different parts of an image.

I originally got the idea from, of all places, a Cracker Jack box. I know, didn't they stop making awesome toys years ago?! But nestled next to sugar infused popcorn was a tiny paper puzzle of Thomas Jefferson that folded into the face of (I believe) Sam Adams. Bizarre but fascinating to say the least.

My version, I regret to inform, has nary a sign of messrs. Jefferson or Adams.

"The Girl"

As you know I'm a tad hung up on fairy tales, particularly the ones that include bears, beasts and "innocent" girls.

"The Bear"

Here is a video I took of the puzzle in action, I hope it loads. It's much more beautiful when it's moving because the little book can keep on folding and transforming. It's a perpetual motion puzzle. I am so impressed with whoever came up with this format, it is such a sexy little piece of kinetic art!

I plan on doing more of these little guys. You should too!

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Allison Braun said...

I like this !!!! You go girl!!!