Sunday, August 12, 2012

Winter Yeti

Here's a new yeti bag I finished. Yetis like snow and subsequently often get frostbite of the tongue. It's just a casualty of being a yeti.

I have more yeti bags coming, I still have maybe 6 more blank bags to work my magic upon. All building up for COTA!

Next week I will be out of town, lounging on a beach in North Carolina drinking in sweet sweet sunlight with my handsome man beside me and my family being ridiculous in the background. It'll be awesome! So, the next couple posts, though it may seem that I'm speaking to you in the present, I will be setting them up today so they post automatically. WwwwWoooooOOOOo!! It'll be like a ghost is typing! WOOOH!

Enjoy the sun everyone, even if you are a cold yeti!

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