Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sasquatch Family Magnets!!

Here is my family of Sasquatch magnets fresh and hot off the sewing machine!

This is me holding the tiniest one to get a sense of the size. His name is Baby Crall. He refuses to wet the bed and instead wets the curtains. He thinks he's very original. 

This is Chortles Blorkley. He ate a packet of Koolaid once thinking it was magic powder that would turn him into a vacuum. He is still waiting for the transformation.

This is Engleberta, she wants to one day tackle Santa Claus and give him a wedgie.

And here's the largest, Dr. Velcomen Spetzle. He gives his children a good sound tongue bath before bed every night.

***(I suppose it makes it a whole lot easier if you just don't ask any questions but take for granted that I am already lost to the world and that the kindest thing to do is just let me rant.)

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