Sunday, December 11, 2011

Contest Winner

Around Halloween time I posted a contest on Facebook asking people to submit their Halloween costumes. The winner would be forever immortalized in pen and paper by me. So here you are Family of Bats! I hope you are tickled pink! There were some truly amazing costumes posted which made the decision process very hard, but in the end I had to choose one of them. And there's nothing cuter than a baby bat!

Check out the original costume photo: HERE

Also, here is a bonus page of sketches!

One of the only good things about my job is I can do some sketching while it is slow. Often times my workday frustration leaks out onto the page and Santa has to get eaten by his reindeer. It's either that or punch a customer in the face. Or punch myself in the face.

Never fear, there will be more of these sassy analogs from my day job in the future!


Mark said...

That is true. the baby bat is super cute. Stretching his wings out as far as they can go.

Mark said...

Also don't punch yourself in the face. Feel free to punch me just not in the face. Please.

Melissa Mandel said...

You'll get punched wherever I tell you to get punched!