Sunday, May 6, 2012


This week I'd like to introduce all my readers to a new little project I've been working on collectively with some stunning fancy-pants artist friends of mine. It's called Go.Bot.Ster! Check out our new blog to learn more about it.

All you really need to know is that it is an amazing fancy feast for the hungry kitten in your soul. It is a waterfall of fresh smelling laundry detergent on the stale bedsheets of your emotions and it is, quite possibly, the sturdy butterfly net in the hands of the greedy child that represents your desire for sweet, awesome and fabulous things. Also the child is in a field of butterflies. Also the butterflies are full of awesome juice. And that awesome juice is Go.Bot.Ster!!!!!

Are you picking up what I'm laying down?

So this week skip on over there and sniff in the sweet, sweet perfume of stupid fun. Spread the word and stay tuned. We plan on doing some really awesome stuff very soon and I'd hate for you to miss out!

"The Flamenco-Clanko"

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Mark said...

This is a great picture. I love it.