Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Stuffed Friends!!!

So I've been working furiously away with needle and thread to create an army of stitch-lings to do my bidding. Above is a race of little winged creatures who fly around at night and slip dreams into your head. Their flight patterns are a bit awkward and ungainly, so this shakes up the dream, making it more scattered and incoherent.  It's not their fault really, their bodies are not very streamline and their wings are a bit too awkwardly placed to fly very true, but they get the job done. Every once in a while though they manage to get a good solid dream delivered, but that usually only happens right before the person's alarm goes off for some reason.

 The other two are little hairy anteater gremlins. They run around people's basements stealing socks and piddling in corners so you think you have a basement leak. They're harmless really, and actually quite cuddly, if you don't mind waking up before dawn to them singing Cher songs in shrill little voices.

These little minions are for sale if you are interested! Contact me or go check out Art Riot at 36 John street in Kingston for more of my stuff!

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